Barry's Emacs V7.2 Stable

The current Stable version is V7.2-246. This is an minor update of V7.2.

Barry's Emacs for Windows

The Barry's Emacs Stable V7.2 kit is available for Windows/XP, Windows/2000, Windows/NT, Windows/Me, Windows/98 and Windows/95.

The current Stable version is V7.2-246, released 16 December 2004, which is under going testing.

This fixes some problems reported Since the release of V7.2-208 and adds some minor improvements.

Download bemacs-V7.2-246.exe from Yahoo or from

Windows XP installation has been tested.
Windows 2000, Windows 9x should work however have not been tested.

Barry's Emacs toolbars require Microsoft Common Controls Version 4 or later. The common controls are installed with Internet Explorer 4, however if you do not want to install Internet Explorer 4 install the Common Controls update.

To install:

  1. Optionally install Microsoft Common Controls Version 5 update.
    1. Copy the Microsoft kit 50COMUPD.EXE
    2. Run 50COMUPD.EXE
  2. Install Barry's Emacs
    1. Uninstall any pervious version of Barry's Emacs. The new kit will help you do this.
    2. run bemacs-V7.2-246.EXE

Installation Note

This version of Barry's Emacs requires MSCVRT.DLL to be updated. The installation may require you to reboot Windows to complete the installation.