Barry's Emacs Version V8.5

The current version is V8.5.1.

This version of Barry's Emacs use python 3 and Qt5 for its user interface.

The core of the editor in implemented in C++.

Windows 64 bit installation

  1. Download the setup program, bemacs-V8.5.1-setup.exe
  2. Run the setup program, it will guide you through the installation.

Barry's Emacs can be used from the CMD shell command by running:

"C:\Program Files\Barry Scott\Barry's Emacs 8\bemacs.exe".

Create a CMD file to make it easier to access. For example put bemacs.cmd in you PATH where bemacs.cmd contains:

"C:\Program Files\Barry Scott\Barry's Emacs 8\bemacs.exe" %*

Mac OS X 64 bit installation

  1. Download the DMG file BarrysEmacs-V8.5.1.dmg, and open it.
  2. Drag Barry's Emacs into the Applcations folder.
  3. To use Barry's Emacs from the command line copy bemacs_client script to a directory on your PATH. For example ~/bin.
  4. To use the console version of Barry's Emacs copy bemacs-cli script to a directory on your PATH.

bemacs_client will start up a new Barry's Emacs if required and pass the files on the command line to Barry's Emacs for editing.

For example:

$ bemacs_client main.cpp

Fedora 29 installation

  1. Download the RPM files that make up the bemacs kit:
  2. sudo dnf install bemacs-8.5.1-1.fc29.x86_64.rpm \
        bemacs-gui-8.5.1-1.fc29.x86_64.rpm \
        bemacs-cli-8.5.1-1.fc29.x86_64.rpm \

Once installed the bemacs client commands will start the editor if it not already running and pass the command line to it.

$ bemacs main.cpp

The command line version is installed as bemacs-cli.

$ bemacs-cli main.cpp